Inspired by the Jesuit motto of ‘magis’ (ever more, better, greater), XITE envisions to be an institute with passion  
for academic and human excellence with a firm commitment to improve the quality of life of the people especially  
of the State of Jharkhand.

To groom talented students to be true professional leaders.
To mould student to be men and woman for others.
To inculcate in them social sensitivity and integrity.
To impart quality education with a human face.

Honesty & integrity
Commitment & Hard Work
Social, Environmental & Ethical Sensitivity
Excellence & Quality in everything
Enabling and strengthening the mental, moral, ethical, social and spiritual aspects of our students by providing  
quality and excellence in education and striving for the total integral development of the whole person.

Xavier Institute for Tribal Education (XITE) is a timely initiative of XLRI with unflinching support of the  
Jamshedpur Jesuit Society. XITE is a registered charitable Organization, established in 2003. The main objective  
of the Institute is to groom the youth of Jharkhand both in knowledge and skill, and making them capable of  
understanding the nation’s responsibility. Actually, the academic courses started in the year 2007 and till date many  
batches have passed out with brilliant results. Presently all academic courses are affiliated to the Kolhan  
XITE has 34.5 acre of campus. It has already occupied the new campus which is going to be the hub of academic  
and professional learning from Kindergarten to Post Graduation. (KG to PG) and also coordinating  
Entrepreneurship Development center of XLRI. The Institute also conducts rural development program as well as  
other coaching programs such as MBA Entrance Test. Railway and Bank Job competitions. Therefore, the whole  
campus is becoming a gamut of different educational activities.
Tata Steel, Sisters of charity of Nazareth, the citizens of Jamshedpur and the Government of Jharkhand are the  
partners in envisioning and translating the vision of XITE into reality.

Creating a homely environment in the Institute
Showing Social/Human concern for one another
Inducing team work  for effective success
Encouraging members to perform better
Appreciating & recognizing members for their achievement
Gamharia - 832 108, Jamshedpur, India.
A Jesuit Institution